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Does FAX.PLUS sign BAA with customers?

Yes. We (FAX.PLUS) sign Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with users of our Enterprise plan. If you are on a monthly/yearly enterprise plan and need a BAA in order to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), please sign in to your admin account and:

  1. Go to the Profile section and click on the Compliance tab
  2. In the HIPAA box, make sure Advanced Security Control is already activated and then click on the Request BAA button
  3. One of our representatives will shortly contact you and send you the BAA template to sign

It’s worth noting that once the BAA is signed “Advanced Security Controls” are enabled for your account to ensure full HIPAA compliance, and this means that email and Slack notifications will only contain a notification message and will not have the faxed document as an attachment. This method makes sure your faxed documents are stored only in a fully encrypted and secure archive for future reference. Additionally, we will not accept any document in the form of an email to fax out and all faxes should only be transmitted via our secure applications.

Learn more about FAX.PLUS HIPAA Compliance Statement.

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