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What is FAX.PLUS refund policy?

When you purchase extra credits or perform any purchase directly from us you will be entitled to a cancellation period of 24 hours (“Cooling-Off Period”) unless you have made use of the FAX.PLUS Credits in any way, including

  • Allocation of FAX.PLUS numbers
  • Subscribing to a paid plan
  • Using the add credit to send or receive a fax

In either case, the Cooling-Off Period will be extinguished and your purchase cannot be canceled or refunded. Outside of the Cooling-Off Period, nothing is refundable.

For more details on FAX.PLUS Refund Policy, please consult our Terms of Service you agreed upon sign up.

Do I get a refund, if I cancel my subscription?

We do not provide refunds or credits for any partial months or years. If you wish to cancel your paid Subscription Plan you may do so via your “Profile > Plan & Billing” page. Should you elect to cancel your paid Subscription Plan, please note that you will not be granted a refund for the most recently (or any previously) charged monthly/annual fees.

Do I get a refund for my unused plan credits?

No refunds will be made for unused pages included in your Subscription Plan or for unused extra credits.


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